Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations subscribe to the Dispatch1 Academy, and who are some of your current clients?
  • Dispatch1 Academy clients include PSAPs in the state of Texas, who are part of an individual agency county system. 
  • We also serve current clients in Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey and Ohio, Indiana and Michigan
How do Departments incorporate the Academy into their Training Program?

Whether using it for self-paced or assigned training, Dispatch1 Academy is a flexible program that can serve as an effective training tool for your department. The 24/7 accessibility of the Academy allows PSAPs to utilize the training in a way that works for them, on a schedule that works for them.

Is the Dispatch 1 Academy certified in my state for continuing education credit?
We are working to certify the Dispatch1 Academy for state standards nationwide. To find out if we are currently certified in your state, please visit our Accreditation page (link to Accreditation page). To inquire about certification, please contact our team.
How often do you publish new courses?

We publish new courses each quarter. We are in the process of expanding our course offering to include more state-specific courses.

What topics are covered in Dispatch 1 Academy courses and videos?

Click here (link to Course Catalog) to view Dispatch 1 Academy’s most recent Course Catalog.

Can I upload my own videos or courses?

The Dispatch1 Academy platform offers a Custom Course tool. If you would like to upload your department’s videos or courses, you can use the Custom Course tool and select the appropriate templates based on your content. You can choose to make your courses private to your department only, share them at the state level, or share with all Academy subscribers.

If you have additional comments or questions, please email us at or call 844.312.9500.